Named and Shamed?

“Name and shame” students who cheat says den Hollander   According to a recent story in the Campus Daily Mail, Universities can’t stop all the cheats but they can make it harder for them The article in the Mail says that former Deakin University VC Jane den Hollander, universities need

Oh? Week

Do you agree with the many other people that starting out your new semester is a bit weird? This Covid isolation has put a dampener on a lot of things in our lives and university enrolment hasn’t missed out. We’re with you… when will this end and what will life

Ok so you’ve attended class, taken notes, researched and now it’s Alternative Assessment time (AKA EXAM period….) Trying to recall 12 plus weeks of academic concepts can not only be overwhelming it can easily be considered one of the most confusing semester of study ever….#nothanksRhona In this blog we’ve brainstormed

As you all move towards your Alternative Assessments next week and the following, we thought it was a great time to remind you all about Academic Misconduct and what it means for you. According to how USQ considers what Academic Misconduct is, they are focussed on all actions, or attempts

Dates march on in June

Well the end to a pretty different Semester 1 looms in front of you. While times have been pretty whacky lately this upcoming assessment period – aka Exam Period – is nearly upon you. From our perspective all we can advise you is to follow the instructions you’ve been given