Collusion and Collaborate both start with C

Inappropriate collaboration or collusion fall within the eagle eye that USQ keeps when considering whether to contact you about your assessments.

If you work with another student (or a group of students) USQ sees this as you having a secret cooperation to deceive others that the work you submit is all your own. Collusion is seen as a secret agreement between two or more parties to mislead and to gain an unfair advantage.

Working together with other students on a piece of work that will be submitted for individual assessment is not permitted at USQ and can result in an accusation of academic misconduct for all the students involved.

It is also not permitted to work together on work in progress, research summaries, or drafts, as these preliminary works may result in similarity of the finished products of the students involved.

Discussing the material and ideas you are learning with your colleagues is beneficial and is encouraged. However, when you start to write down the material that you will use for assessment, make sure this is entirely your own work ( thought, ideas, concepts etc.) and do not share it with other students.

Collusion is different from group work where students are instructed by the university to work together and the work is then assessed as a group effort.

We recommend that you:

  • Do not provide work for another student to submit as part of their own assessment
  • Do not use the work of another student as your own for assessment
  • Do not co-write or share the background information that you will use in your assessable work

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