It’s a noun….

PLAGIARISM (noun) – the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

Plagiarism involves the use of any person’s work or ideas without full and clear referencing and acknowledgement and is a form of Academic Misconduct for which you can be penalised. Specific definitions are available in the USQ Definitions Dictionary.

Any attempt to obtain any advantage by taking and using another person’s ideas and/or manner of expressing a thought, statement or idea in order to pass these off as your own original work is problematic. When you submit assessments, it is your role to give appropriate acknowledgements wherever deserved. This includes material you use from any published and unpublished works, including your own work used for another purpose, for example any of your own assessment items you have submitted before.

Unless you reference and cite where ideas, thoughts or expressions come from when you submit assessments you are plagiarising. As an enrolled student at USQ, you’ve agreed you have read and understood the definition of Academic Integrity and will follow the guidelines when submitting your assessment work. Now many students do not actually read the policy and procedure so if you’re one of those don’t despair… that’s why you have your Advocacy team ready willing and able to assist.

If you do forget to reference or cite correctly and submit your assessment, the markers may refer your assessment to the Head of School who will send you a very formal notice of allegation of Academic Misconduct. This notice gives you a chance to explain. The process also means you could receive a penalty such as 20% reduction in your marks or even zero for the assessment. Unfortunately, if a student keeps on submitting work without correctly acknowledging content, students may find themselves being excluded.

So, what is the takeaway? If you use someone else’s ideas in your assessments, then acknowledge them… simple.

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