Memory Recall for Exams

Ok so you’ve attended class, taken notes, researched and now it’s Alternative Assessment time (AKA EXAM period….)
Trying to recall 12 plus weeks of academic concepts can not only be overwhelming it can easily be considered one of the most confusing semester of study ever….#nothanksRhona

In this blog we’ve brainstormed some great tips to help you improve your memory recall.

  1. Remove all temptation so you are free from distraction. No we aren’t saying put your family out in the cold but we are suggesting that a calm study space can equal a calm mind. Easy and relaxed equals focus.
  2. Choose a study space that is organised so its productive. Key elements to improve your memory and concentration is not to have any messy distractions.
  3. Sleep – get some good sleep patterns. It is recommended far and wide that 7 to 9 hours per day is optimum for most people. A brain that has had sleep helps recall AND retain information
  4. Stay active and get that regular exercise in. There has been plenty of studies that have found that even20 minutes of movement per day helps improve memory function. Go for a walk, dance, stretch, and playing a sport all stimulates brain connectivity which in turn helps you fire up  your memory when needed
  5. Take time to just be… it is so important to remember that you are studying for a purpose and that your purpose is not JUST study… take time to have some fun.

Do what works for you.

If you have any questions about the current Alternative Assessment period? Contact your Student Advocacy team today.

Until next time…