Oh? Week

Do you agree with the many other people that starting out your new semester is a bit weird? This Covid isolation has put a dampener on a lot of things in our lives and university enrolment hasn’t missed out.

We’re with you… when will this end and what will life emerge like once we’re all back together again? We guess the only thing we can all agree is that we all need to be patient. The Advocacy team is here to help you out, be you a returning student or a new one.

We thought you might like to know who is who and so we’ve added our fabulous images to the right – starting from top to bottom is Kim, Isabelle, Stafford and Marita.
We’re experienced and supportive and we know how to help you!

What do we do? Great question! The easiest way to describe our services is that we are here to guide you through the maze of USQ processes and policies and help you work out what it is you might be able to do if trouble arises. This can mean if you need to review a final grade, respond to written notices, apply for refunds of fees and fail grades, attend meeting with you so you have the support you may well need during tougher than usual times or whether you just want to talk through your options. We’re here for you.

Because all students are automatically ‘members’ of the Student Guild  you can access the Advocacy services for free…

Our top tips for your semester two study:
1. Use the USQ Library and it’s great resources
2. SmartThinking is a free tool for you to use to check if your assessment writing meets academic practices
3. Paraphrase, paraphrase, paraphrase (and no that does not mean copy and past from the internet and change every fifth word – that is plagiarism and you will get caught for that!)
4. Check with your Examiner for a code to use turnitin similarity checker for your drafts –
5. Ask questions… it’s the smartest thing you can do

Until next time,