How to start a new blog? At the beginning or from the current moment? Do we start out as we mean to finish or do we start out and evolve?

Perhaps the answer is a bit of everything….

So, out of the gate we will use the adage “everything old is new again” as the way we’re going to evolve our new blog baby ‘YAD’

The beginning: Originally, the USQ Student Guild was created in the early 1970s under the Education Act as the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education (DDIAE) Union. Under the University of Southern Queensland Act 1989, the DDIAE Union become the USQ Student Association and then become the USQ Student Guild under the University of Southern Queensland Act 1998 and a not-for-profit organisation which support students of the University of Southern Queensland.

All Students are Ordinary Members of the Guild. Membership ends when enrolment at the University ends.

The current: It’s time for the Annual General Meeting and all USQ students are invited to attend from any location on Tuesday 26 May 2020 at 5.30 pm as a Zoom Meeting.
To register please visit
For more information please email

You’re extremely welcome to read more in the Student Guild Constitution.

So ‘where does Advocacy fit into all of this?’ we hear you shout from the rooftops… well maybe not shout and rooftops may or may not be in use, however we know you might be pondering this a little bit.
The USQ Student Guild Advocacy Office team offers free confidential support for USQ students in regards to your rights and responsibilities as students.

If you require assistance with academic matters you’re welcome and encouraged to get in contact with us because we’ll help you assess the situation, offer advice about what your options are, help you complete responses required by USQ staff and attend meetings and appointment with you.
As you get to know us you’ll agree we’re a great bunch of people… truly… drop by our team page  to check out who we are!
Until next time…


Are you a USQ student looking for advocacy assistance? Complete our Advocacy Assistance Application and one of our friendly Advocacy Officers will assist you.