In recognition of National Reconciliation Week 2020 the Student Guild show and share our respect to all First Nation people, past, present and upcoming. In 2014, as part of a professional development day, I visited the Cherbourg Ration Shed with a group of school teachers.  To say that it had

The Student Guild staff and members take this opportunity to acknowledged National Sorry Day 2020. This important date on the 26th May 1997 is the landmark Bringing them home: The ‘Stolen Children’ report being tabled in Federal Parliament. Bringing them Home is the final report of the National Inquiry into

Contract Cheating

Contract cheating is not only a serious form of academic misconduct it’s dishonest. When you submit an assessment with your name on it you are essentially promising ‘this is my work on this topic’, so when someone else contributes to or completes your assignments for you without the acknowledgement or


Whether you’re finding a white wall to paint, running away from your kids, studying or watching a Netflix doco… let’s all have a great weekend!

Inappropriate collaboration or collusion fall within the eagle eye that USQ keeps when considering whether to contact you about your assessments. If you work with another student (or a group of students) USQ sees this as you having a secret cooperation to deceive others that the work you submit is