Integrity – it’s just academic Academic integrity is the accepted moral and ethical code of academia. This code includes standards such as evading cheating because you maintained an agreed series of standards; honesty and care in research and academic publishing (like when you submit your assessments). As an enrolled USQ

We have all been there, assignment due, life speeding along in front of us and the little monster of self-doubt creeping in; questioning whether studying was the right choice, because it can be at times hard, isolating and time consuming. This is self-doubt, it is the sinking feeling that you

Defining Moments

“This definition of what a quotation mark is : one of a pair of punctuation marks – this ” ” or this ‘ ‘ –  is used chiefly to indicate the beginning and the end of a quotation in which the exact phraseology by another person or of a text


Language – it’s a uni thing                                                                                     Hands up


How to start a new blog? At the beginning or from the current moment? Do we start out as we mean to finish or do we start out and evolve? Perhaps the answer is a bit of everything…. So, out of the gate we will use the adage “everything old