Welcome to our first ever blog! We’ve been planning this for a while and finally got to the point where we can reach out and share with you.

So, we agree that some of the first questions you will be asking yourself is, what is this blog going to be about, who and what is Advocacy and what does that mean to me?

The answer is, A LOT… this blog is offering you news perspectives you can’t find elsewhere. Your Advocacy Download is offering you information about your study rules as a USQ student, facts and updates on what USQ News and Announcements actually mean for your program of study.

The Advocacy Officers you reach out to through the Student Guild are reliable and professional in the knowledge and understanding in matters relating to USQ Policy and Procedure. We are here and involved in sharing all of the great content you’re going to absorb, question and action.

We aren’t USQ staff we are independent and that friends, that is what makes us unique and a suburb option for you when you are seeking outside options for your student issues.

We all agree it’s been a tumultuous year in the realm of studying at university and current events are prompted by the government rules of engagement.

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