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Our Team

Our Board

The UniSQ Student Guild is a not-for-profit organisation that supports students of the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ).

The primary purpose of the Student Guild is to advance and promote the views and interests of all UniSQ students to the University and other stakeholders both within and external to the University. Included in this charter, is the management and provision of cultural, sporting, recreational and social activities, amenities and services to all students regardless of mode of study or location. To this end, gym facilities are provided by the Student Guild for students and staff on all three campuses, with virtual classes and other enrichment opportunities available to support and enrich student’s learning experiences.

The Guild also provides independent advocacy advice to students in their dealings with the University with a physical presence on the Springfield and Toowoomba Campus and a virtual presence on the Ipswich campus.

Our History

The UniSQ Student Guild was first incorporated in early 1970 under the Education Act as the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education (DDIAE) Union.

Under the University of Southern Queensland Act, 1989, the DDIAE Union became the USQ Student Association before being rebranded as the USQ Student Guild under the University of Southern Queensland Act, 1998.

With a rebrand of USQ in 2023 to UniSQ, The Guild also changed its name to UniSQ Student Guild.

Uni SQ Student Guild

We offer a wide variety of services and activities to add value to your Student Life.

Students Helped


Free Student Advocacy

Our Advocacy Office support service is free and confidential, available to any UniSQ student facing challenges during their degree. We provide professional guidance, support, and assistance to help students consider resolving the issues or concerns they may encounter.

Community Gym (SG Fit)

Embrace the active lifestyle across all three campuses with our community and student gym. Elevate your fitness journey with state-of-the-art facilities, expert guidance, and a supportive, health-conscious community.

Social & Sporting Events

Every Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 2:00 PM we here at The Guild run social sporting events for students. Each day is tailored to a specific sport and is co-run with affiliated UniSQ clubs as an introduction to health, friendship, and community. Pop in and have some fun. We’ll see you here!

Venues & Sport Courts for Hire

On each campus, The Guild offers space for venue hire and space booking. If you have an event or a sport that you would like to see come to fruition, then look no further than the UniSQ Student Guild. Speak to our operations team today and see what solutions we can provide!

Our Team

Introducing the dynamic Student Guild Team, a group of passionate individuals committed to enhancing the student experience. Together, they create a vibrant and inclusive community that empowers and enriches the lives of all students.
Merlinda James

Merlinda James

Business Manager

My position as Business Manager comprises the management of administration, finance, human resources, policy and procedures, compliance and general business activities. A portion of my role includes communicating with board members and stakeholders as required, preparation of material for board meetings, attendance and drafting of minutes. I attend to end of month accounting processes and liaise with external stakeholders for the purpose of financial reporting to the Board. I enjoy the varied tasks of my role and delight in providing a positive and productive workplace.

Abigail Kennedy

Abigail Kennedy

Operations Coordinator

As the Operations Team Coordinator for the Student Guild, I lead event management and ensure seamless operations. With a passion for creating vibrant experiences, I work diligently to organise and execute events, contributing to a thriving university community.
Kim Spencer

Kim Spencer

Advocacy Manager

I have been with the Guild, working as an Advocacy Office since 2017. During my time, I have gained a deep understanding of the challenges students face whilst studying, which has allowed me to provide a high level of support, guidance and advice, as I assist students through issues they encounter whilst completing their studies.

Michelle Short

Michelle Short

Advocacy Receptionist

As the first point of contact within the Advocacy Office, I am able to assist students in the process of gaining assistance from the Advocacy Officers or directing them to the relevant UniSQ service. I assist by ensuring they register online and attach relevant documents to assist their case.
Stephanie Hartmann

Stephanie Hatmann

Reception Coordinator

I have been working here at our Toowoomba campus for 2-3 years. My favourite part of working at SG Fit is by far getting to interact with our beautiful members every single day who are always up for a chat about any and everything and our incredible team that feels just like family with consistent support, a warm & friendly vibe, for me this place, because of the community; is a home away from home.
Marita Tomlinson

Isabelle Chassain

Advocacy Officer

Since 2016, I have been with the Advocacy Office as both a student and staff member. I have the unique opportunity to be able to provide students with assistance across the various challenges that they may face, providing guidance and support to be successful.
Danyell Freeman

Danyell Freeman

Clubs and Societies Reception

Coming from a Personal Training background I love running classes & making fitness a fun & social activity. But don’t underestimate me, I will push you to sweat.

Recently I’ve transitioned into more of a reception role, & I love that it allows me to be able to connect with every single person that walks through our doors. I make it hard for you to miss me with my ever changing bright hair colours.

Marita Tomlinson

Senior Advocacy Officer

Having worked at the Guild as an Advocacy Officer since 2012, I have developed a profound understanding of various strategies to address the challenges that students may encounter. My role involves providing guidance, support, and advice on navigating the University’s policies and procedures.

Anna Van Bekkum

Administration Support Officer

My role as Administration Support Officer is pivotal to the efficient management of administrative tasks related to record-keeping, supply management and personnel support. Some of my tasks include accounts payable, processing of payroll, banking, bank account reconciliations and data entry. I have been employed with the UniSQ Guild for seven years and enjoy the variety of my position and the workplace flexibility.

Nicole Franz

Food Pantry Coordinator

I have been a fitness instructor at SG Fit Springfield and Ipswich for 9 years. My favourite part of my job is helping members become the happiest version of themselves. I love the outdoors and a good day joke! Don’t hesitate to contact me with your best joke!

Our Board

The UniSQ Student Guild operated independently from the university and is governed by a volunteer board of 8 people with a separate constitution. The board chair is appointed by the Vice Chancellor and the directors are comprised of 4 student directors and 2 external directors and one director appointed by the UniSQ council, all of whom operate in a voluntary capacity.

Terms of office range from 2 to 3 years. The Guild is funded by the university under a services agreement which is negotiated annually.

The current board chair is Emeritus Professor Jane Summers. Council appointed director is Ms Helen Nolan.  Current external board members are: Ms Bonny Bouke, Ms Monique Tudman. Current Student directors are: Ms Lyala Evans and Ms Sara Conway.

Jane Summers

Jane Summers

Executive Chair

Emeritus Professor Jane Summers was appointed as Chair of the UniSQ Student Guild Board in 2023. Prior to her retirement from UniSQ in 2022, Jane was the MBA director and Professor of Marketing. Jane has had extensive board experience in not-for-profit organisations including 7 years as Chair of the local regional tourism organisation.

Sarah Conroy

Student Director

As a finance and mortgage broker with 17 years of industry expertise, I proudly serve as a student director on the board while pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Business with a Finance Major (GCBU.) Outside of the boardroom, I cherish outdoor family moments with my energetic boys aged 4 and 6.

Monique Tudman

Non-student Director

As a non-student Director, Monique brings 20 years of state and federal public sector experience to the role, predominantly in the fields of governance, accountability, risk and compliance. Currently the Director of International Operations for TAFE Queensland International Education, Monique has Bachelor of Laws degree, a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and is continuing her Masters of Business Administration throughout 2024.

Helen Nolan

Council appointed Director

Bonny Burke

Non-Student Director

Lyla Evans

Student Director and President