The USQ Student Guild Advocacy Office offers free confidential support for UniSQ students in regards to their rights and responsibilities as students.

If you require assistance with any of the below categories, please get in contact with us as soon as possible. Your situation may have strict timeframes, so the earliest you contact us, the more support our Advocacy Office will be able to provide.

During your studies, there are a variety of situations which may cause you to fail a course. If you do fail a course due to reasons beyond your control, you may be eligible to apply for a Waive Academic Penalty and Fee Reversal (WWP). The Advocacy Office can step you through the eligibility criteria, help determine whether you meet the criteria, and support you in developing your application

The Advocacy Office can assist you if you receive a Notice of Allegation of Academic Misconduct.  It is best to contact our Advocacy Office as soon as you receive your Notice as we will be able to discuss your options and support you throughout the investigation process. If you intend on having a meeting with UniSQ staff in regards to this issue, one of our Advocacy Officers may be able to attend to support you during the meeting.

After you receive your final grade, you have the ability to apply for a Review of Final Grade. We can discuss your academic situation and help determine whether you meet the eligibility criteria for a Review of Final Grade. We are then able to assist you in composing an application and a statement of support. It’s important to remember that UniSQ will not consider Review of Final Grade applications on the basis of:

  • being within a close proximity of the next level of a grade;
  • a comparison with another student’s Final Grade or students’ performance;
  • the visa or employment status/prospects of the Student;
  • financial difficulties experienced by the Student;
  • the student’s unsubstantiated belief that he/she deserves extra marks; or
  • third party expectations and/or the student’s belief that the grade was not commensurate with his/her effort.

If you are excluded from your studies, the Advocacy Office can assist you in considering your options. We can assist you in determining whether you may be able to apply for early reinstatement and step you through the process. Our Advocacy Office will also be able to assist you in determining what situations led to your exclusion and direct you to the relevant UniSQ resources which could improve your future study habits.

If you do happen to receive a Show Cause Notice, our Advocacy Office can assist you in your response. A Show Cause Submission requires the completion of a few different tools provided by UniSQ to assist in understanding and improving your study habits. Our Advocacy Office can help locate these tools and assist in developing responses and completing your Show Cause Submission.

If you have received an Academic or Non-Academic decision from UniSQ and you are not satisfied with the outcome, the Advocacy Office can help you determine whether you have Grounds for Appeal. We will also be able to clarify what would not be reasonable Grounds for Appeal. If you do choose to proceed with an Appeal, we can check that you have completed the correct pre-appeal processes and assist with the development of the appeal.

If you have an upcoming meeting with a UniSQ staff member, one of our Advocacy Officers may be able to accompany you and provide you with some extra support during that meeting.

If you would like assistance with any of the above issues, or another issue, please complete our Advocacy Assistance Application and one of our Advocacy Officers will contact you shortly.

The Student Guild Advocacy Office can assist you with understanding the UniSQ Policies and Procedures. We are able to assist you with the drafting of your responses and ensuring that you have completed all the documentation correctly before submitting your response. Our office can also proof read your response and provide you with recommendations and suggestions as to how to make your response or case stronger.

The Student Advocacy Office, will not write responses on your behalf nor will we submit a response on your behalf.