The USQ Student Guild is proud to partner with GIVIT.

GIVIT is a not-for-profit organisation that is helping donors to give the smart way.

One simple item can sometimes have the power to change someone else’s life? It can be as simple as donating your child’s school uniform that they have now grown out of. A donation such as this could stop another child from being bullied at school. Or you are wanting to help those affected by natural disasters such as flooding, drought or bushfires, but are unsure what is needed.

By completing the below form students in genuine need can access GIVIT to receive generous donations from community members. If you complete this form you are consenting for the Advocacy Office to make a request on the GIVIT platform on your behalf. This allows us to ensure that your identity and information remain confidential and takes the hassle out of the process for you.

It is important that students are aware that their application is only a request to the ‘universe’ and will need to be genuine and appeal to philanthropic members of the community, alumni, or corporate for any chance of donation from generous benefactors. As a result, this means that not all requests will always be fulfilled.

To find out more about GIVIT or to donate click here.

Advocacy Office

The USQ Student Guild Advocacy Office offers free confidential support for USQ students in regards to their rights and responsibilities as students. If you have received a letter from USQ and don’t understand what it means or are unsure what to do, or you are having an issue with your studies then you can contact the Advocacy Office for assistance. You can find out more about the Advocacy Office and how to contact them here.

Please be aware that making this application does not guarantee success for your application will be fulfilled by the GIVIT program, and that it is solely at the discretion of the program and that the USQ Student Guild has no authority or ability to influence the outcome of the application made for the GIVIT Program.