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The Danny Clifford Bursary was developed to provide financial support to UniSQ students requiring assistance to maintain their academic progress. This bursary acknowledges the dedication and effort students have already invested in their studies and aims to facilitate their ongoing strive for excellence.

Administered by the UniSQ Student Guild, the Danny Clifford Bursary is awarded twice a year to successful students in the amount of up to $1,000. We accept applications in March and September each year for this bursary and application forms can be found on the UniSQ Student Guild website.

About Danny Clifford

Danny Clifford joined the UniSQ Student Guild Board in 2009 and served as its Chair until he retired in 2015. During his tenure, Mr Clifford provided strong stewardship and maintained a positive, inclusive process, which enabled the UniSQ Student Guild to thrive.

Mr Clifford remains a close friend of the UniSQ Student Guild and this bursary is his way of continuing his legacy of excellence and student support. This bursary was first awarded in 2016 and has continued to be awarded each year since.


To be eligible to apply for this bursary, students must be:
  • existing students and be enrolled UniSQ for at least one semester (or trimester) after the bursary is awarded; and
  • enrolled in a minimum of one UniSQ subject in study period previous to their application.
About the Application

The application form for the bursary can be found below via the button link “Apply Here”  In addition to making a case for receipt of funds, students are also required to:

  • provide a copy of their most up to date unofficial academic transcript;
  • provide a current resume;
  • advise of any other scholarships or bursaries that they have received;
  • provide quotes or other evidence of costs to support the case for funding; and
  • agree to the Terms and Conditions as stipulated.

Successful applicants will be able to make a case for funding that:

  • details how this bursary would assist in them in the pursuit of their academic journey and/or assist them personally to achieve academic success;
  • outlines how any extracurricular community or other activities speak to their level of engagement and pursuit of excellence; and
  • how, if they haven’t been engaged in extracurricular activity, this bursary would enable them to become more engaged and successful.

Previous Danny Clifford Bursary recipients

Tegan Cross (2016 Recipient)

The Danny Clifford Bursary allowed me to care for my children on a more regular basis, which during a tumultuous year involving a chronic medical condition, meant I could spend full days at the University rather than having to juggle classes and medical appointments and rush home to be with my children. It allowed me to focus my studies, rather than on financial stress, and achieve my goal of increasing my GPA over two semesters.

David Pullen (2016 Recipient)

Since receiving the bursary I have returned from part-time studies to full-time studies and was able to purchase a Surface Pro 4 computer with music composition software. This purchase will enable me to advance my digital literacy for music teaching studies at UniSQ and on practicum. I would like to thank the UniSQ Student Guild for their support.

Jessica Davidson (2017 Recipient)

I am in my second year of my Doctor of Creative Arts degree and specialising in the Creative Writing program. My research topic relates to the way in which mental health is depicted in Young Adult Fictions. I believe that many current depictions have failed to adequately represent the true nature of mental health and that a change needs to occur so children, like my own, can be more aware and educated. Since receiving The Danny Clifford Bursary, I have bought a new laptop. I no longer have to share my husband’s work laptop and have my studies dictated by when I can use his. It’s made an incredible difference to my study as I now have firm control over who can assess my files and don’t have to worry about them being deleted or corrupted by accident. I’m also planning on using the remainder of the money towards petrol and accommodation costs to attend a UniSQ Research Boot-camp in 2018, which I believe will be immensely helpful in helping me gain new ideas and perspectives about my research, while helping me get peer feedback.

Finaflor Taylan (2017 Recipient)

I am currently in the process of completing my Doctor of Professional Studies, with the aim to document and assess, as part of an action research cycle, the Public Service trust of my local university as a public, national and online university. The research will help to fill the knowledge gap on the framework for public service and community engagement specific for open and distance e-learning universities. As an online international student, at UniSQ, I depend on my internet connection for my doctorate studies. The funds provided by the Danny Clifford Bursary will help me in using more instruments to speed up my internet connection than what I was using, as the Philippines has one of the worst internet connections in the world. This will surely enhance my online participation in the program such as being able to attend online classes, online conversations and online seminars more regularly, with less interruption, and use of the online library.

Myles Hay (2017 Recipient)

I am studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology on-campus in Toowoomba. I’m keenly interested in the field of Psychology and in finding the most effective ways to help people reduce stress and anxiety and so that they can live healthier and happier lives. This interest developed from my desire to better understand human nature and the people around me who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses. I have not yet put The Danny Clifford Bursary to use as I have been researching to find the best value for money, but I plan to use the funds to buy a computer. Having my own computer will mean that I will no longer have to travel to the library constantly to study and write assignments; I will have more flexibility when planning my study.

Erin Jones Hadaway (2018 Recipient)

Erin has already put the Danny Clifford Bursary to use, using the funds to assist with travel costs to Toowoomba. Erin also used the Bursary funds toward purchasing an iPad to assist with her studies. The Bursary eased the financial burden of studying allowing Erin to work less hours and spend more time focusing on her studies.

Kae Takata (2018 Recipient)

Since receiving the Danny Clifford Bursary, Kae has been able to purchase a new laptop that is light, portable and high spec. Kae is planning to put the rest of the bursary towards her tuition fees. Having a laptop has enabled Kae to study more efficiently.

Mia Liliana Hughson (2018 Recipient)

Mia put the Danny Clifford Bursary to use almost instantly, using the funds to pay for travel and accommodation to attend Res School. The money also enabled Mia to purchase new shoes and pants for her prac and the textbooks for her final semester. The Bursary allowed Mia to enrol in her final semester of University instead of deferring her studies. After completing her final semester of her degree, Mia was able to start her role as a Registered Nurse in January 2019.

Sarah Hamilton (2018 Recipient)

The bursary has helped with my studies by taking some financial stress off me especially since I live in country NSW away from lots of things, fuel is a big cost for res school/placements. I also enjoy being able to be a role model for other nursing peers and encourage them to apply for bursaries to get assistance. I am so grateful and appreciative for this opportunity.

Timothy Randall (2019 Recipient)

The Danny Clifford Bursary was put towards printing and textbooks, which really helped Timothy with his exams as they are open books. By having access to textbooks whenever they were needed made studying a lot easier. The Bursary also lifted the financial stress that buying textbooks entails

Holly Rentz (2020 Recipient)

Thanks to the Danny Clifford Bursary I was able to return to my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. My husband and I have three young children, one with special needs. As her needs can not be met by daycare, this ultimately affected my not being able return to the workforce and our financial position. As a stay at home mother of six years, my return to study is demonstrative of my commitment to ECE, and I am dedicated to building a career on supporting and advocating for young children with disabilities. I am truly appreciative of the Danny Clifford Bursary, allowing the purchase of a newer, more reliable laptop, as well as much needed textbooks.

Jessica Lusk (2020 Recipient)

I am Jessica Lusk and I am one of the recipients of the Danny Clifford Bursary for 2020. I am currently in my final semester of external studies with a Bachelor of Communications and Media with a major in Journalism. My degree stands to hold a wealth of opportunities for myself in the future and, as I enjoy writing, will be very fulfilling. I have completed all of my studies externally whilst continuing to work full time in between other duties on a small cattle operation and feedlot at my home. The bursary assisted greatly with many of my everyday costs, study-related and otherwise, including fuel (usually using almost one full tank a week, travelling to and from town for work), phone and internet bills, textbooks, and other costs related to allowing me to comfortably study. The bursary allowed me to have the savings put aside when these costs arose, taking a lot of pressure off of my shoulders to allow me to study without worrying about them. I am very grateful to have been awarded the bursary and the assistance it provided has been extremely wonderful.

Daniel Sale (2020 Recipient)

My name is Daniel Sale and I am one of the 2020 Danny Clifford Bursary recipient winners. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing at UniSQ externally. I am studying my nursing part-time because I am currently an Enrolled Nurse working in Operating Theatres and found it difficult to manage the full-time study load with full-time shift work. The Danny Clifford Bursary allowed me to enrol in subjects that require clinical skill days and bank my annual leave hours at work for the over 700 hours of practical placement required. By doing this I will have enough annual leave to allow me to attend practical placement whilst maintaining an income for my family. I have now completed 12 subjects, 2 of which required face to face sessions I wouldn’t have been able to attend without this bursary. This has been invaluable for me as my family relies on my income. I am so grateful to the UniSQ Student Guild for their support and generosity especially during the height of the COVID pandemic.

Angela Ellis (2021 Recipient)

The Danny Clifford Bursary eased the financial anxiety of disseminating my research findings and recommendations. By splitting the bursary, it gave me the opportunity to attend the International Council for Nurses- Nursing across the World (virtual congress), November 2021, to deliver a 10-minute pre-recorded oral presentation that increased my knowledge on podcasting and has since broadened networking opportunities with other researchers and academics from the international nursing community. It also, accommodated attendance at the National Nursing Forum (Australian College of Nursing), Canberra, August 2021, where my poster presentation was awarded best at conference. Again, this widened my networking circle and I have since earned a scholarship for the ACN Policy Fellows Foundation. I am now working with their Domestic Violence Taskforce. Even more exciting is that I have recently been interviewed for the prestigious position for safeguarding the public and accreditation of education for the Nursing and Midwifery Board Australia, Queensland sector. The outcome will not be known until the Health Minister, Anne Rushton, makes the final decision from panel recommendations. I (Hospital in the Home Board member) am currently collaborating with Metro South Hospital and Health Service to take my recommendations to the next phase. The results from this will be published in 2023. I will continue to effectively manage my work-life-study balance. So, I gratefully thank The Danny Clifford Bursary for taking away the extra burdened of not being able to have coffee with my friends or missing lunch occasionally to pay for a bank loan, that were becoming harder to obtain. I am now on a different pathway, still nursing but a new direction.

Sian Genrich (2021 Recipient)

My name is Sian Genrich and I wish to express my sincere gratitude for being awarded the Danny Clifford Bursary in 2021. I am deeply appreciative of the support of both the Danny Clifford Bursary and the UniSQ Student Guild. I am studying a UniSQ Bachelor of Laws degree externally. I find my degree incredibly beneficial to my current work and I hope my study will create more future opportunities for me. As a solo parent, the financial assistance provided by the Danny Clifford Bursary was of great help to me to pay for my educational expenses and textbooks. Thank you again for this generosity and your support as I work towards completion of my degree.

Claire Beaver (2022 Recipient)

I would like to thank the UniSQ Student Guild for their generous bursary. Through your support I was able to afford to purchase textbooks and other study materials to help me progress through the second year of my degree. Not working and dedicating myself to study full time has been financially challenging and by receiving the Danny Clifford Bursary I was able to make ends meet. I was truly grateful for receiving this bursary – thanks again.

Lauren Henderson (2022 Recipient)

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a recipient of the Danny Clifford Bursary. I am very grateful to have received this bursary; I have been able to use the funds towards ink (which we all know gets expensive when purchasing regularly), textbooks and stationery for my studies. By receiving this bursary, I have had the stress of affording University eased as this bursary covered my Uni expenses; leaving my income to continue to be put towards my family and household. With so much pressure of raising children while working and studying, being able to reduce just one of those stresses in my life is something I am very appreciative of. Thank you so much for selecting me.

Amanda Worsley (2022 Recipient)

I was the grateful recipient of the Danny Clifford Bursary in 2022. Due to receiving this, I was able to buy a new laptop, which is essential as an external student. Struggling with my old laptop added a lot of time when listening to lectures, which means I am now able to study faster and more effectively. This help was greatly appreciated.

Tara Excell (2022 Recipient)

 Receiving the Danny Clifford Bursary provided me with the opportunity to purchase a laptop that has been able to keep up with the demands of my studies. This has made my studies not only easier but has provided me with the ability to study from home where I can be available for when my family needs me, as opposed to being on campus so that I can run multiple programs at once. This has been immeasurable, and I feel very grateful for this opportunity.